Video Production vs Videography – What's the Difference?

Video Production vs Videography – What's The Difference?

This guide will help you in making the right decision in choosing who to hire for your video marketing needs.

What's the difference between Video Production & Videography?

The difference between video production and videogrpahy is simple: Producing video content requires equal parts preparation, execution, and delivery. The type of video content you are looking to create will determine whether you use an independent videographer or a video production company.

There are many variables to consider when deciding which is right for your project.  The type of project and the scope of the work is the first thing to consider. Let's dig deeper into the strtucture of both video production and videography.

What is Video Production?

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VIDEO PRODUCTION is a process that takes a concept from words on paper to a polished visual story.  The creative team which includes individuals such as a cinematographers, camera operators, script writers, director of photography, voice-over artists, motion graphics, video editors and more oversee departments in pre-production through post production. 

The team manages projects big and small, with varying budgets such as conferences, social media, training videos, sales and marketing videos, movie trailers, commercials, music videos and more. A video production team makes sure each piece of the puzzle is handled by a talented and experienced professional.  Video production companies create content where the clear goal is to engage and maintain the attention of the target audience, ensuring a return on your investment. 

What is Videography?

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VIDEOGRAPHY is the process or art of making films/videos. Videographers typically work independently and focus their talents on events such as weddings, recitals, graduations, Bar Mitzvahs and small occasions where memories need to be preserved. Understanding and managing private and more personal events require a certain skillset and understanding of how these types of events work and what will be needed to make it successful.  A unique and creative style is needed to bring these events to life, long after they happen! 

While a videographer can set up lighting, roll with the punches, capturing your special moment at just the right time, this does not necessarily make them a cinematographer or a lighting designer. Similarly, while a cinematographer shapes the visual aethetics of a production's overall look and feel, this does not necessarily mean they can manage more intimate events where you may only get one chance to capture that special moment. 

While both take preparation, knowledge and skill, videographers are concerned with capturing a memory, while video production teams create the memory.

Budgets are Important in Video Production & Videography

Budgets are often the biggest factor in the decision process, but invest wisely.  Videographers preserve life's most important and personal moments, while a video production team with an understanding of industry trends are able to create content specific to your niche and elevate your brand.

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