Netflix Your Content: Episodic Plot Structure

Netflix Your Content: Create an Episodic Plot Structure, so Viewers Can’t Resist Watching Just One More

It is the year 2020 and online video content is the prime medium for marketing, brand awareness, and communication.  There has been a continuous 100% rise in the number of videos consumed, via mobile devices, every year and that is not abating. In 2020, only about 19% of businesses are not using these types of videos as a form of marketing.

Creating, executing, and delivering engaging video content that requires consistent production allowing for consistent engagement, can be difficult to maintain. One thing is clear, video content is the way to go. The question then is – how can we maximize ideas and create valuable video content?

The answer is to break down video content into episodes. We all know what it’s like to binge watch our favorite movies and shows on Netflix. Episodic tv shows such as the runaway hits Stranger Things on Netflix and HBO's Game of Thrones leaves you wanting more after each successful episode. Even big name video game developers such as Square Enix are creating episodic games such as the newly released first part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake which took the original singular version of the 1997 role-playing game and split it into multiple downloadable episodes. Now, extend this same formula and structure to your brand when creating video content. Creating an episodic plot structure for your video content, creates an audience that is glued to your brand because of the anticipation and expectation.

With videos under two minutes, getting the best engagement becomes paramount to maintain the efficacy of the content and telling a short story, while not appearing to be shallow or pushy on the subject matter. We have so much to say that it is often overwhelming to find a solution that keeps your audience’s attention and creating a single video, isn’t going to cut it.  This is where Episodic Content comes in. 

Benefits of Episodic Content

Once you've done the writing and figured out the plots and characters for your series, it's time to begin reaping gold from this trend. Here's some examples of the benefits of episodic content.

Episodes Give Viewers Confidence in You

You gain an audience devoted to your brand. They realize that every topic conveys a story and takes them on a journey to understanding aspects of your brand, more in depth. You have an opportunity to gain traction among people with your insight. Every episode becomes a treat, something they look forward to.

Episodes Allow You to Develop Depth on various topics

As a content producer, you give yourself countless opportunities to contribute to various schools of thought as it pertains to your brand, your business, your message.  Time spent researching and developing a niche in each piece of content you create makes you the “guru” or “go-to-expert” on topics within your industry.  It expands your reach immensely.

Episodes Create Long-Term Brand Engagement 

It’s great when our loyal audience shows our video content some love, but there is always the hope that we release video content that has viral potential. With episodic content, you may not strike gold at first or with every episode.  It's likely that you will strike gold on any one episode and doing so will hopefully take inquisitive viewers back to the beginning and all the way to the end!  In 2020, this is how online video content has gained traction.

Episodic content could take many forms including Talk Show and Panel Discussions, Health and Wellness, Vlogs on Trending Topics, Short Story, Behind-The-Scenes, How-To, Training, Performance, Educational, Podcast videos and so much more. Of course, don’t forget about your scripted, non-scripted and documentary content! Today across YouTube and Netflix, we see the creation and distribution of episodic content.  Be sure to share your stories!  

Need help producing your own Episodic Content?
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