Benefits of Drone Footage for Your Business

Benefits of Drone Footage for Your Business

At Tri-Toy, we can’t emphasis enough how important video content is to the success of your brand. It is now and for the foreseeable future, the best performing content type out there! To keep up with the latest trends and stand out, you need to literally look to the skies – Drones. Drone videos, because of their perspective, when implemented correctly, are extremely beneficial at attracting new clients to your business or brand.

Drones provide two key style shots – Aerial and Motion. The aerial shot provides scenic undertones to created content from an elevated vantage point of view and gives viewers a deeper understanding of what is happening around them. The motion shots, especially in the hand of a skilled operator, brings your audience up close and personal to the action. The power of video is the ability to take your audience on a journey. Adding a drone shot perspective, draws your audience in even more and create a more intimate perspective of your brand or business. Here's the top 3 reasons why you should use drone footage for your next project.

Drones Save Time, Money, and Helps the Enviornment

Before there were drones, there were licensed pilots flying rented helicopters carrying a camera operator hoping they get ‘the shot’. Going that route required a great deal of planning that included acquiring special licenses, logging flight plans, hiring a pilot, and using a significant amount of resources. Today, the use of drones is a far more cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to getting the money shot. You still need to follow all local laws and find yourself a fully licensed and insured operator but doing so requires less money, planning of your shoot day and resources.

Drone Video Creates Stunning Visuals 

Drone footage has a ‘wow’ factor, creating a cinematic look for mundane places, spaces and objects. Drone footage affords you an opportunity to create video content and tell your story with a new perspective or give a fresh look to existing content or live events. Show off the magnitude of an event, a time lapse, the beauty of your space or the impact of your product, just to name a few.

Using Drones Videography Provides Unique Perspective

Drones, while allowing us to see the bigger picture, also give us an opportunity to get up close and personal in every shot! Whether you are looking to intimately capture a stage performance or the roar of the crowd, or a balloon as it floats across the sky, drones bring you along for the ride without getting in the way. The same can be said for capturing the beauty of architectural detail on a building or rediscovering a rare flower, thought to be extinct in the smallest of spaces all from an aerial view.

Whatever your project, whether for entertainment or marketing purposes, drone shots will allow you to further connect and engage with your audience.

Want to know if drone footage can make a difference in your advertising and marketing campaigns? Consider the following case study.

In 2016, business was slow for Michael E. Jordan’s sports company (UNRL), despite his best efforts. He decided to employ the use of a drone operator to shoot aerial film of his city with mannequins wearing branded products from his sportswear company. The result – 50,000 Facebook views with Black Friday sales that tripled the previous years’ sales.

At Tri-Toy we provide the right tools in both production and post-production to successfully produce video content with or without integrated drone footage. Contact us about utilizing our services to produce uniquely styled content for you.


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