Vertical Video: How It Can Help Your Business

Vertical Video: How It Can Help Your Business

The days of vertical video being labeled a professional ‘no-no’ are a thing of the past.  This latest trend is a direct result of our need to move in the direction of what is convenient.  Just because something is considered standard practise today doesn't mean its seemingly 'unprofessional', “not so nice looking” counterpart won’t overthrow it tomorrow. Especially if that alternative provides more ease in today’s world. Such is the story of vertical video.

First there was 4 x 3, then came 16 x 9.  Televisions, computers and cinema screens all utilize the 16 x 9 configuration and for good reason, so it only made sense that this was the accepted norm.

However, the rise of video content viewing on social media platforms via mobile phones has changed the game. With 42.63% of the world using smartphones, and over 2.65 billion on social media it was inevitable that this powerhouse duo would influence the culture of what we want to see and how we want to see it. 

Our natural inclination is to hold our phones in a vertical position.  Capturing videos this way means that you have captured your video in 9x16 dimensions and not in 16 x 9. If the capture is to be used professionally, you’ll need to reshoot but it’s likely not for professional use and intended for social media. With most of our video consumption happening through social media networks, it’s no wonder businesses are using social media to their advantage.

Why use 9 x 16 vertical video dimensions?

You may prefer the more traditional 16 x 9 and not really see the value of 9 x 16 video but if you are a business owner looking for traction in the social media marketing space, you may want to reconsider your position.  Here’s why!

Vertical video (9 x 16) has more completed views than horizontal videos (16 x 9)

As mentioned earlier over 42% of the world owns a smartphone. That comes in at over 3 billion smartphone users. In addition, video consumption rises by 100% every year and attention spans are not quite what they used to be. So, anything that can increase the attention span of a user should be employed. Audiences are watching vertical videos in their entirety nine (9) times more than horizontal videos. Additionally, people don’t want to continuously flip their smartphones to view ads but if you pack it into the space they are watching, they will see it and want to continue watching through till the end.  That’s one huge reason to make the switch.

Your Audience is on Smartphones

  • Over half of the video content created is viewed on mobile.
  • 92% of mobile video viewers share it with others
  • Over 500 million people are watching video on Facebook every day (WordStream, 2017)

Share your Stories 

The rise of the ‘stories’ section of social media and the high traffic conversions with extensive audience engagement make it a necessary objective for any business. Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, WhatsApp statuses and SnapChat stories all prefer 9 x 16 resolutions. These stories are active hotspots for getting the attention of customers. So better to create the content within the preferred space to ensure that you grab their attention and create better conversions. 

Now don’t be deceived into thinking, “it’s only 9 x 16 so I can shoot it myself”. Yes, of course you can but there is still a need for professionally produced content that matches your brand, speaks to your team, and engages your audience.  That process involves far more than pressing record on your phone!  It’s about making sure your video content is carefully planned and even more carefully executed.

At Tri-Toy, we offer innovative storytelling, produce compelling visual content and offer up professional video solutions to assist you in telling your story! Contact us today and ask how we can help.


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